Running for WG5 Convenor Announcement

I decided to run for WG5 Convenor (International Fortran Committee Chair). I have written up a Platform document that explains why I am running, the issues as I see them, and how I propose to work with the Committee to address them (see also my CV). I have developed this platform with many Fortran community members, both inside and outside of the Fortran Committee. Furthermore, I have also posted the platform as a GitHub repository and I encourage anyone to open issues and Pull Requests (PRs) to discuss and further refine the platform.

April 21, 2020

Enabling Blog At My Webpage

My webpage is generated using Hugo and it uses the hugo-resume template. I just enabled a blog section here, so that I can post blog posts here from now on. My old blog is still hosted at, but I do not update it anymore.

April 20, 2020
Nifty tech tag lists from Wouter Beeftink